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Any test or calibration laboratory, in order to ensure its performance over time, needs to participate periodically in interlaboratory proficiency tests. As a matter of fact the interlaboratory proficiency test is an effective tool for estimating laboratory performance on specific tests or measurements and allows an accurate and continuous monitoring. In this way the laboratory can ensure the trust of its customers by validating its uncertainty claims and its metrologic traceability. In addition, interlaboratory proficiency tests are increasingly required by accreditation bodies as a condition for obtaining and maintaining the specific accreditations of testing or calibration procedures.

One of the most common schemes is the sequential evaluation test scheme: it requires one or more objects (samples) of the test to be distributed sequentially to participating laboratories, that perform tests or measurements according to their specific procedures (accredited or not accredited). The samples are then returned to the provider who verifies their suitability for final assessments once they have been processed by all participating laboratories.

All the results (certificates issued) are then collected and statistically analyzed by the provider who writes and distributes a final report showing the assessment of the performance of all participants.

SA quality for metrology is an Accredited Proficiency Test Provider according to ISO/IEC 17043:2010 standard by the Italian accreditation body Accredia that issued the Accreditation Certificate number PTP 0024P.

Proficiency Test Provider


Anno: 2023
Updated to: gen-23
PT codeDescriptionRegistration untilExpected conclusionState*Details
ILC002-2023Cylindrical ring gauge up to 100 mmMarch 2023October 2023AccreditedShow
ILC013-2023Rockwell Hardness tester - Direct and Indirect methodClosedApril 2023-Show
ILC001-2023Gauge blocks up to 1000 mmApril 2023November 2023AccreditedShow
ILC010-2023Thread ring gaugeApril 2023December2023AccreditedShow
ILC014-2023Roundness sampleMarch 2023October 2023AccreditedShow
ILC017-2023Dial gage - Vernier caliper - Digital micrometerApril 2023November 2023AccreditedShow
ILC006-2023Gauge blocks up to 100 mmMay 2023October 2023AccreditedShow
ILC011/A-2023Torque wrenches up to 250 NmApril 2023November 2023AccreditedShow
ILC011/B-2023Torque wrench 65 - 650 NmMay 2023November 2023AccreditedShow
ILC011/C-2023Torque wrench 100 - 1000 Nm Rev00May 2023November 2023AccreditedShow
ILC019-2023Steel rulerMay 2023October 2023AccreditedShow
ILC020-2023Coordinate measuring machines CMMSeptember 2023December2023-Show
Anno: 2024
Updated to: gen-23
PT codeDescriptionRegistration untilExpected conclusionState*Details
ILC006-2024Gauge blocks up to 100 mm20242024AccreditedShow
ILC003-2024ILC003-2024 Thread plug gauge20242024AccreditedShow
ILC017-2024Dial gage - Vernier caliper - Digital micrometer20242024-Show
ILC015-2024Roughness sample20242024AccreditedShow
ILC005-2024Cylindrical Plain Plug up to 100 mm20242024AccreditedShow
Anno: 2025
Updated to: gen-23
PT codeDescriptionRegistration untilExpected conclusionState*Details
ILC006-2025Gauge blocks up to 100 mm20252025AccreditedShow
ILC016-2025Cylindrical plain plug gauge up to 200 mm20252025AccreditedShow
This schedule is updated quarterly.
Each comparison will be activated with the participation of at least 5 laboratories.
*Accreditation is the certification by a third party (ACCREDIA) that the p.t.p. complies with the requirements of the international reference standard UNI CEI EN ISO / IEC 17043 and other ACCREDIA prescriptive documents in the organization of interlaboratory comparisons, ensuring their technical and organizational competence.
The list of accredited schemes is shown in the attachment to the accreditation certificate no. 0024P.

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