ILC004-2021 Digital dial gauge

Year: 2022
Codice PT: ILC004-2021
Description: Digital dia gauge
Scheme structure: Sequential
Measurand: Measurement Error
Test items: Dial gauge 0-25 mm
Standard: ISO 13102:2012
Assigned value: Consensus value
Traceability: ILAC P10 2.2
Reference uncertainty: Round internal
Evaluation method: En
Price: € + VAT
Methods of participation
To take part in the comparison it is necessary to register and login the reserved area of the website, register in the comparison of interest and attach this participation form. Upon confirmation of the comparison, the participant will be notified by e-mail.
Payment terms and conditions
Prices are VAT excluded, payment by bank transfer 30 days invoice receipt date.
If requested by the customer, the cost of the preliminary Report amounts to 80 € + VAT each
Communications with participants
Communications to participants regarding the methods for carrying out the interlaboratory comparison will be communicated by sharing the comparison protocol.
Delivery of results
A single report will be drawn up for each participant.
The expected conclusion reported in the section " Technical characteristics of the comparison " is intended as indicative and not binding.
Confidentiality and impartiality
SA quality for metrology di Stefania Accorsi warrants that the information acquired during the interlaboratory assessment activity is confidential and will be used with the utmost caution, in compliance with the nondisclosure agreement to be signed by both parties at the time the appointment is granted.
In order to prevent collusion and falsification, the organiser undertakes not to release any information regarding the assigned value and the average value recorded by the participants until the final report has been drawn up, approved and sent. At the time of registration of the participating laboratory, a declaration will be issued by the organiser of the comparison.
The participants may appeal against the assessment of performance within 15 days from receipt of the final Report sending an email to
The samples will be kept 2 months after the end of the cycle and the sending of the Final Reports.
Proficiency test responsibility
In planning the activities related to the interlaboratory comparison, SA quality for metrology reserves the right to subcontract the traceability services to primary metrological institutes or accredited calibration laboratories as reported in the ILAC P10 policy. SA quality for metrology assumes responsibility for the activities performed by the subcontractor of traceability
Customer responsibility
Upon receipt of the samples, the customer must inform the coordinator by filling in the appropriate phase in the system. When the samples are sent to the next participant, the customer is required to inform the cycle coordinator by filling in the appropriate phase in the system.
At the end of the calibration activities, the customer is required to upload the results obtained within 15 days of sending the samples to the next customer.
If the laboratory will not send the communications relating to the receipt and dispatch of the samples, as well as the results, SA quality for metrology reserves the right to retaliate against the defaulting customer by implementing the actions it deems most pertinent. The actions implemented may include the quantification and charging to the defaulting customer of any damages that may have occurred both to the p.t.p. than to other participants in the same cycle, and/or the exclusion from the circuit of the participant himself without refund of the fee paid at registration.
Exclusively in the case of comparisons with the value assigned by the reference laboratory (ILAC P10 2.1), if the results are not received, a report will be sent to the participating laboratory with the presence of only the reference values.
The transfer of samples from one participant to the next will be the responsibility of the participant who sends the sample. The cost of the transfer must be considered inclusive of shipping and insurance.
Any damages that may occur to the samples during the period of stay and/or use at each of the participants, as well as during the shipment of the sample, are the responsibility of the individual participant. SA quality for metrology reserves the right to charge the responsible participant for any damage or loss occurring during the period of responsibility of the laboratory.
Applicable law and Jurisdiction
The content of this Agreement will be disciplined and interpreted in compliance with Italian law.
The Parties agree to submit all disputes arising from the execution or interpretation of the Agreement to the law courts of the city of Modena, with express waiver of their own jurisdiction, if any, after having attempted mediation care of the Mediation Body of the Council of the Bar Association of Modena.
Meaning of Accreditation (for comparisons in "Accredited" state)
Accreditation is the certification by a third party (ACCREDIA) that the p.t.p. complies with the requirements of the international reference standard UNI CEI EN ISO / IEC 17043 and other ACCREDIA prescriptive documents in the organization of interlaboratory comparisons, ensuring their technical and organizational competence.
The list of accredited schemes is shown in the website
The Accreditation Certificate n. 0024P and the related Annex with the list of accredited schemes are available on the website


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