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SA Quality for Metrology is an accredited Proficiency Testing Provider in the field of calibration.

In accordance with  ISO/IEC 17043:2010 standards, we are accredited by the Italian body Accredia with PTP Accreditation Certificate PTP No. 0024P.

According to EA, IAF and ILAC Mutual Recognition Agreements we are authorized to operate at an international level.


Organization of Interlaboratory Comparisons

In order to consistently confirm their performance over time, any testing / calibration laboratory needs to participate periodically in Interlaboratory Comparisons (ILC) – also called Proficiency Testing (PT) – as required by ISO/IEC 17025 standards.

ILCs are effective tools used to assess the performance of specific tests or measurements, and allow for accurate and continuous monitoring. This enables the laboratory to validate its uncertainty statements and ensure the metrological traceability.

Furthermore, according to ISO/IEC 17025 standards, participation in ILCs is a mandatory requirement for obtaining and maintaining specific accreditations for testing or calibration procedures, and may also be requested by partners or customers / clients.

Regardless of the results, participating in ILCs is always advantageous. Positive results provide a guarantee of quality and reliability, instilling confidence in customers / clients. Unsatisfactory results prompt laboratories to improve their procedures and service efficiency.

Our key points of excellence

  • Registration for Proficiency Testing is done through our Proficiency Testing Web Portal (PT Portal).
    Information and documents are uploaded directly to the PT Portal, eliminating the need for numerous email exchanges with your provider.
  • You will always have direct contact with the cycle coordinator.
  • All cycle-related information is managed directly on the PT Portal, ensuring maximum transparency.
  • We issue a report for each individual participating laboratory, allowing you to access simplified reports specific to your activities.

Organization of Bilateral Interlaboratory Comparisons

In addition to circuit-based tests, we also organize Bilateral Proficiency Testing. In this type of testing, a single participating laboratory is compared to a reference laboratory.

We organize Bilateral Comparisons upon request, when the requesting laboratory needs to obtain a specific accreditation or when there are no other laboratories performing the same type of calibration.

If you wish to request a Bilateral Comparison, please send us an email specifying:

  • Type of instrument.
  • Calibration methodology.

We will provide you with a quotation and information regarding participation methods.

Interlaboratory Comparisons program and registration

Below we present the updated ILCs calendar in which you can participate. By clicking on SHOW you can access the description card for the respective comparison, which includes technical information and participation methods. From each card you can also download the participation form, which shall be completed and uploaded to the PT Portal upon registration.

To register for an ILC, you will need to create an account that will grant you access to the reserved area of our website and the PT Portal. On the portal you can autonomously register for comparisons, with no need to send us requests or attached documents by email.

If you want to participate in a Bilateral Interlaboratory Comparison, please send us a request by email, specifying the type of instrument and calibration methodology involved in the comparison. We will provide you with a quotation and information regarding participation methods.

Anno: 2023
Updated to: gen-23
PT codeDescriptionRegistration untilExpected conclusionState*Details
ILC002-2023Cylindrical ring gauge up to 100 mmRegistrations closedNovember 2023AccreditedShow
ILC013-2023Rockwell Hardness tester - Direct and Indirect methodClosedApril 2023-Show
ILC001-2023Gauge blocks up to 1000 mm2023-09-302024-02-28AccreditedShow
ILC010-2023Thread ring gauge2023-08-302023-12-31AccreditedShow
ILC014-2023Roundness sample2023-08-302023-11-30AccreditedShow
ILC017-2023Dial gage - Vernier caliper - Digital micrometer2023-08-302023-11-30AccreditedShow
ILC006-2023Gauge blocks up to 100 mm2023-09-302024-02-28AccreditedShow
ILC011/A-2023Torque wrenches up to 250 Nm2023-08-302023-11-30AccreditedShow
ILC011/B-2023Torque wrench 65 - 650 Nm2023-08-302023-11-30AccreditedShow
ILC011/C-2023Torque wrench 100 - 1000 Nm Rev002023-08-302023-11-30AccreditedShow
ILC019-2023Steel ruler2023-09-302024-02-28AccreditedShow
ILC020-2023Coordinate measuring machines CMM2023-08-312023-12-31-Show
ILC002-2023Cylindrical ring gauge up to 100 mmRegistration closedFebruary 2024AccreditatoShow
Anno: 2024
Updated to: gen-23
PT codeDescriptionRegistration untilExpected conclusionState*Details
ILC006-2024Gauge blocks up to 100 mm20242024AccreditedShow
ILC003-2024ILC003-2024 Thread plug gauge20242024AccreditedShow
ILC017-2024Dial gage - Vernier caliper - Digital micrometer20242024-Show
ILC015-2024Roughness sample20242024AccreditedShow
ILC005-2024Cylindrical Plain Plug up to 100 mm20242024AccreditedShow
ILC005-2024Reference Weights2024-03-302024-12-31-Show
ILC022-2024Vickers Hardness TesterJanuary 2024June 2024-Show
ILC002-2024Cylindrical ring gauges up to 100 mm Rev002024-02-282024-12-31AccreditedShow
ILC004-2024Dial Gauge2024-02-28October 2024AccreditedShow
ILC009-2024Digital micrometer 0-25 mm2024-03-30November 2024AccreditedShow
ILC008-2024Caliper 0 - 150 mm2024-03-30Novembre 2024AccreditedShow
Anno: 2025
Updated to: gen-23
PT codeDescriptionRegistration untilExpected conclusionState*Details
ILC006-2025Gauge blocks up to 100 mm20252025AccreditedShow
ILC016-2025Cylindrical plain plug gauge up to 200 mm20252025AccreditedShow
This schedule is updated quarterly.
Each comparison will be activated with the participation of at least 5 laboratories.
*Accreditation is the certification by a third party (ACCREDIA) that the p.t.p. complies with the requirements of the international reference standard UNI CEI EN ISO / IEC 17043 and other ACCREDIA prescriptive documents in the organization of interlaboratory comparisons, ensuring their technical and organizational competence.
The list of accredited schemes is shown in the attachment to the accreditation certificate no. 0024P.

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