The monitoring of Component Cleanliness plays a crucial role in modern quality control, both when production is carried out within the company and when it is entrusted to external suppliers.

In industries such as automotive and electronics, for example, even the smallest particulate contamination on components or parts of them can compromise the performance of the entire system. It is therefore of fundamental importance to keep sources of impurities under control, through an efficient Component Cleanliness Management (CCM) system.

To effectively address such a complex issue, it is necessary to define the requirements that need to be met, evaluate the initial situation and decide how to respond to market demands in a clear and informed way.

What can we do for you?

Thanks to our competencies, the result of years of experience in the sector, we support the Client throughout the whole CCM process:

  1. Analysis of Client’s requirements.
  2. Definition of the appropriate level of contamination for your product.
  3. Mapping of impurities present in the Client’s plant.
  4. Reorganization of spaces and logistics with a Clean Production approach.

To this end, we provide highly-specialized consultancy services for everything related to Component Cleanliness and CCM, according to ISO 16232:2018 and VDA 19.2:2015 standards.

  • Initial audit on the contamination situation in the Client’s plant, carried out by specialized auditors.
  • Initial contamination check-up in the Client’s plant through accredited laboratory analysis and logistics analysis, with the issuance of relevant reports.
  • Support in defining the Component Cleanliness Code (CCC) corresponding to the cleanliness level of individual components, with the help of our extensive databases.
  • Periodic laboratory analysis for the process control.
  • Technical support in designing business layouts in terms of methodologies and Clean Production approach.

In addition, we can provide customized consultancy services according to your needs in the field of component cleanliness, as well as consultancy and support for metrology and quality management.


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