ILC013-2023 Rockwell Hardness tester

Year: 2023
Codice PT: ILC013-2023
Eptis Code: -
Description: Rockwell Hardness tester - Direct and Indirect method
Scheme structure: Sequential external calibration
Number and type of expected participants: Min 5 max 10 european calibration laboratories
Registration until: December 2022
Expected conclusion: April 2023
Expected start of laboratory activities: January 2023
Measurand: Qness Q150CS
Test items: Test Force (HRC)
Depth measuring system
Test Time
Hardness 23 HRC
Hardness 55 HRC
Standard: ISO 6508-2:2015; ASTM E 18-22
Assigned value: Consensus value
Traceability: ILAC P10 2.2
Reference uncertainty: Round internal
Evaluation method: En
State: -
Price: 600€ + VAT
To join the comparison it is necessary to send the filled Participation Form to the email address
Prices are VAT excluded, payment by bank transfer 30 days invoice receipt date.
Participation in the comparison is confirmed upon receipt of payment.
If requested by the customer, the cost of the preliminary Report amounts to 80 € + VAT each.
In order to prevent collusion and falsification, the organiser undertakes not to release any information regarding the assigned value and the average value recorded by the participants until the final report has been drawn up, approved and sent. At the time of registration of the participating laboratory, a declaration will be issued by the organiser of the comparison.
Participants will be informed of the arrangements for the interlaboratory comparison by means of the following comparison protocol.
A single report will be drawn up for each participant.
The participants may appeal against the assessment of performance within 15 days from receipt of the final Report sending an email to
SA quality for metrology di Stefania Accorsi warrants that the information acquired during the course of the interlaboratory assessment activity is confidential and will be used with the utmost caution, in compliance with the non-disclosure agreement to be signed by both parties at the time the appointment is granted.
The transfer of the samples from one participant to the next will be the responsibility of the participant that sends the sample. The transfer costs shall be deemed inclusive of carriage and insurance.
Each individual participant shall be responsible for any damage suffered by the samples during the period of stay and/or use.
The samples will be kept 2 months after the end of the cycle and the sending of the Final Reports
*Accreditation is the certification by a third party (ACCREDIA) that the p.t.p. complies with the requirements of the international reference standard UNI CEI EN ISO / IEC 17043 and other ACCREDIA prescriptive documents in the organization of interlaboratory comparisons, ensuring their technical and organizational competence.
The list of accredited schemes is shown in the attachment to the accreditation certificate no. 0024P.

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