Catalog Courses

The customer has the chance to choose from a number of catalog courses to be carried out at his company. All courses are taught by qualified and experienced teachers on the topics covered during the lesson. Any course can be supplied either in presence, in e-learning or in blended learning.
Catalog Courses

Personal Training

In addition to the catalogue courses, we also develop training courses designed on the customer’s needs. In order to develop a more effective training these paths are studied together with the customer starting from his particular needs. So it becomes possible to deepen into all the topics related to the business operation.

Training on the job

In addition to classroom courses it is possible to design, together with the customer, the so-called Training on the Job. This allows to effectively face and solve contingent problems in areas such as quality management, metrology or industrial contamination.
Any Training on the Job can be supplied either in presence, in e-learning or in blended learning.

Collaboration With Training Agencies

We cooperate with local training institutions for the development and provision of training units within their professional courses. Higher Technical Institutes, Training and Professional Schools can submit us their educational projects so as to develop together all contents concerning metrology, quality and industrial contamination necessary to obtain the skills focus of the courses.

The teaching method we use can be or traditional (i.e. front classroom) or distance (FAD), and laboratories in collaboration with the relevant companies of the training institution.

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